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Experienced & Dependable

Industrial Transportation Services

Bus Transportation

Whether you’re looking for a mini bus to shuttle small groups for seminars and events or a larger seater bus for a classroom excursion.

We have a fleet of buses ready to cater for your transportation needs.

Car Rental

You might be looking to rent a car instead to serve your transportation needs.

We provide a fleet of well-maintained, safe and comfortable cars at affordable rates.

Limousine Service

Are you looking for a more comfortable ride for your honoured guests? From hotel transport to chauffeuring between destinations.

Check out our world class private limousine chauffeur services.

Hire Purchase

With the arrival of private hire car platforms and increase in COE prices among the freeze in vehicle growth rate, you might be interested in our attractive and customisable financing package to get that dream car or bike of yours.

EZbuzz | Serving Your Transportation Needs

Here at EZbuzz, we provide a wide variety of transportation services catered to our clients’ needs. Established in 1981, we have expanded and constantly honed our services to adapt to the changing needs of our valued clients.

Whether you’re looking for a bus or a minibus, limousine service or renting a car. We are committed in delivering professional transportation services to meet your needs and more.

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